Quality of sperm, For him

Quality of sperm

Dietary supplements to boost men's fertility

The problems of male infertility can be caused by a production of sperm of poor quality but also by an insufficiency of sperm volume production or an anomaly of the transport of these spermatozoa. Labophyto offers dietary supplements to increase the chances of conceiving a child.In the case of man infertility is expressed by spermatozoa in small quantities for example, which are less mobile or by a sperm of lower quality. To remedy this situation - when there is no health problem or infertility of course - it is possible to follow a course of supplements. These can boost men's fertility and help them conceive a child. And to further increase your chances of becoming parents, your partner can also take such products to stimulate ovulation. On our online store, you also find packs duo Fertitop to try this solution to two.

Solutions to improve the quantity and quality of sperm

The amount of sperm contained in the ejaculate at the time of the male orgasm will have an influence on the pleasure felt. The more sperm is abundant, the more the pleasure will be intense. The volume of ejaculated sperm varies from one man to another but will also tend to decrease with age. This is why Labophyto has developed plant capsules that have a beneficial influence on the amount of sperm such as Maxivolum or Maca

Herbal, vitamin and mineral treatments

Sometimes, the desire to have a child is very strong but women can take a long time to get pregnant. It can be an ovulation problem but it can also come from men. Fortunately, there are treatments to give a little help to nature and increase the possibilities of having a baby. Similarly, some plants, rigorously selected, can help increase the volume of sperm during ejaculation. At Labophyto, we work daily to develop products for the well-being. All products available (Fertitop, Maca, Maxivolum ... etc) on our online store come from our laboratory. Developed in France by our experts, they consist of plants, vitamins and minerals. And if you have questions or if you want to be advised by experts during your purchases, our team is at your disposal. So do not hesitate to contact us!