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General terms and conditions of sale

ARTICLE 1 - APPLICATION OF GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS: Any order implies the buyer’s full and unconditional adherence to these general conditions of sale. Any contrary condition laid down by the purchaser will therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be inopposable to the seller. The fact that the seller does not at any time avail himself of any of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale may not be construed as a waiver of any such terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 2 - ORDERS: Orders addressed to LABOPHYTO. or its representatives imply in any event the acceptance of these terms of sale. Orders validated on the website www.labophyto-pro.com are firm. LABOPHYTO undertakes to honor orders placed within the limits of stocks available at the date of the order. No compensation may be required by the buyer in case of stock failure. LABOPHYTO reserves the right not to honor all or part of an order if certain objective criteria of marketing to the final consumer of the products sold (conditions of storage and demonstration ensuring the integrity of the products, advice and customer service in particular) do not seem to him insured by the buyer. It is nonetheless reminded that LABOPHYTO can not be held responsible for a buyer's failure to comply with its regulatory obligations.

ARTICLE 3 - EXPORT: In addition to the general conditions of sale, fully applicable to orders for export, special conditions may apply to said orders and be the subject of a dedicated contract between LABOPHYTO and the importer (and / or its possible forwarder). The purchaser is responsible for compliance with the regulations applicable in the territory in which he intends to market the products. Deliveries are made by Ex Works (Incoterm EXW): the purchaser bears the costs of transport, customs fees and bears the risk of transporting goods to their final destination.

ARTICLE 4 - CATALOGS AND PROSPECTUS: Inserts, prospectus, flyers, catalogs cannot be considered as firm offers from the seller. It reserves the right to make any changes to these products at any time that it deems useful, and without any obligation to modify the products previously delivered or being delivered. LABOPHYTO reserves the right to offer different conditions and promotional offers on the website www.labophyt-pro.com. The applicable price conditions and promotional offers are those in force on the date of validation of the order.

ARTICLE 5 - DELIVERY TIME: Delivery times are given as an indication and do not involve LABOPHYTO Exceedances can not give rise to damages.

ARTICLE 6 - TRANSPORT: Goods shall travel at the risk and peril of the recipient. In case of damage, the appeal must be served on the carrier within two days by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, and it is up to the buyer to inform the seller within the same time. Orders are shipped to points of sale by a carrier chosen by LABOPHYTO

- Metropolitan France and Corsica:. A flat-rae participation in the logistics costs of 20 € HT will be invoiced for any order under 300 €. In If the delivery address is different from the billing address, the buyer must inform LABOPHYTO. If the delivery address is different from the billing address was not reported by the purchaser prior to the departure of the order, and the delivery of the packages by the carrier could not be made, the costs induced by theDelivery will be charged at actual cost.
- Outside France Metropolitan and Corsica: actual shipping costs will be charged.

ARTICLE 7 - RECEIPT: Claims for non-compliance of products delivered to ordered products must be reported to LABOPHYTO within seven days. Unwritten requests (mail, fax or e-mail) will not be considered. No return of goods may be made without the prior consent of the seller. The return can only be accepted if reservations have been mentioned on the carrier’s delivery slip and the damaged products have been preserved. The corresponding credit may only be made if all these conditions are met. No return of unsold products will be accepted. Any order placed in accordance with Article 2, the receipt of which shall be refused by the purchaser, shall be invoiced by LABOPHYTO for the actual costs of the shipment.

ARTICLE 8 - PRICE: Prices are exclusive of taxes, departing from the headquarters of the company. Any new tariff published by LABOPHYTO cancels and replaces the previous one. Rates are indicative and may fluctuate at any time. They do not constitute in any case a firm offer. Invoices are drawn up in accordance with the legislation in force on the date of delivery. The current prices are available on the website www.labophyto-pro.com.

ARTICLE 9 - BILLING, PAYMENT AND CREDIT OF BUYER: With the exception of the first order of a buyer, payable in advance, invoices are payable within 30 days from the date of invoice by LCR, check or transfer (including for purchases made on the website www.labophyto-pro.com) or cash by credit card or Paypal. Non-payment is the delivery of a check, CRL or accepted draft, but its correct payment. After control and verification, the resolution of disputes concerning missing, non-compliant or broken products will be in the form of credit notes.Any deterioration in the credit of the buyer may justify the requirement of collateral or a cash settlement or a bill payable on demand before execution of orders received. When LABOPHYTO has serious or particular reasons to fear payment difficulties on the part of the buyer on the date of the order, or after this LABOPHYTO may subordinate the acceptance of the order or the continuation of its execution to a cash payment or before shipment. In the event that a buyer places an order with LABOPHYTO without having paid for the previous order (s), LABOPHYTO may refuse to honor the order and deliver the goods concerned.

ARTICLE 10 - DEFAULT OF PAYMENT: In case of late payment, or unpaid LCR without valid reason, the seller may suspend current orders, without prejudice to any other course of action. LABOPHYTO also reserves the right to modify the terms of payment previously granted. Any invoice not paid at the due date carries interest as of right and without preliminary notice, at an annual rate equal to three times the rate of the legal interest, calculated by monthly payment. These late penalties are due the day following the settlement date on the invoice. In the event of non-payment of the invoices at the agreed expiry date, the buyer will have to refund all the costs incurred by the contentious recovery of the sums due. Any invoice recovered by litigation service will be increased as a non-reducible penalty clause within the meaning of Article 1229 of the Civil Code, an allowance fixed at a flat rate of 15% of the amount of unpaid invoices, without prejudice to damages that could to be due. The amount of the lump sum indemnity for recovery costs due automatically to the creditor in the event of late payment is 40 euros, except for justification of higher costs.

Under no circumstances may payments be suspended or be the subject of any compensation, without the prior written agreement of the seller.

ARTICLE 11 - RESERVE OF PROPERTY: All the sales are concluded with reserve of property (law n ° 80-335 of May 12th 1980 and article 121 law of January 25th, 1985). The transfer to the buyer of the property of the goods sold is suspended until full payment of the price. The delivery of bills is in no way a settlement within the meaning of this clause. Therefore, as long as they have not been the subject of the full settlement, the goods must be returned to the seller as soon as possible, at the expense of the buyer, on request of the seller manifested by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The seller is authorized in case of default of the buyer to be returned the goods, to make all arrangements to recover them or recover at the expense of the buyer. The buyer bears the burden of the risks in case of loss or destruction of the goods. The purchaser shall not resell the delivered goods if they are in a state of cessation of payment or insolvency.

ARTICLE 12 - GUARANTEES: The information concerning the products and advice for use that are given, are given for information only and do not imply any commitment of the seller, the customers having to verify the adaptation of the products to the use they makes.

ARTICLE 13 - DIVISIBILITY: Any provision hereof recognized invalid for any reason whatsoever does not invalidate other provisions that retain full force and effect between the parties.

ARTICLE 14 - ATTRIBUTION OF JURISDICTION: All the disputes relating to the execution or the non-execution of these general conditions of sale come under French law in force and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Lyon.

The information collected for the purposes of the distance selling is mandatory, this information being essential for the treatment and the routing of the orders, the preparation of invoices and bank documents. Failure to provide information leads to the non-validation of the order. In accordance with the “Computer Science and Freedom” law, the Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him, which he can exercise with Labophyto. In addition, Labophyto s' undertakes not to communicate the details of its Clients to a third party.

Publisher: Labophyto Pro website is produced by the company Labophyto, SAS with a capital of 5000 Euros, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Lyon under the number RCS 524 499 191. Its head office is La Buissonnière - RN6 - 638 Road of Villefranche - 69480 ANSE - France.

You can contact us:

by phone: +33 (0) 4 11 62 47 52 from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h.

by mail: Labophyto - 638 Route de Villefranche - The Buissonnière RN6 - 69480 ANSE -France

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Orders are shipped to points of sale by a carrier chosen by Labophyto.

- Metropolitan France and Corsica:. A flat-rate participation in the logistics costs of 20 € HT will be charged for any order less than 300 €. In the case where the delivery address is different from the billing address, the buyer must inform Labophyto. If the delivery address is different from the billing address and was not reported by the buyer before the departure of the order, and that the delivery of packages by the carrier could not be performed, the costs induced by the re-delivery will be charged to the actual costs.

- Outside Metropolitan France and Corsica: A shipping package of 70 € HT will be applied.

You can contact us:

by phone: +33 (0) 4 11 62 47 52 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

by mail: Labophyto - 638 Route de Villefranche - La Buissonnière RN6 - 69480 ANSE - France

by email: pro@labophyto.fr or karine@labophyto.fr


Welcome to Labophyto, your expert in sexual wellbeing.

For more than 10 years, we have been formulating, manufacturing and distributing a unique and complete range of products dedicated to the sexual well-being of men and women.

Our range is manufactured in France, in compliance with French and European regulations on cosmetics and food supplements.

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At the forefront of research and innovation, the laboratory Labophyto is today an essential actor in the field of food supplement to improve the sexuality and fertility of Women and Men. The effectiveness of our products is based on our knowledge of plants and their exceptional richness in natural active ingredients. Our goal is to be able to offer the best answers to the expectations of consumers, with supplements based on plants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes or amino acids.

Innovative formulas

Labophyto's research pole develops new products every year, with innovative formulas rich in plants and vitamins, with precise and optimal dosage. Our vegetable capsules relate in particular to aphrodisiacs for men and women, virility, premature ejaculation, and sperm volume. We also offer beverages made from bandaged wood, gels and creams to promote erection or delay ejaculation, as well as clitoral gel or gel to tighten the vaginal walls. Finally, our latest innovations come in the form of retardant wipes, cleaning / refreshing wipes before intercourse and individual pods of erection cream.

Strict controls and compliance with regulations

Labophyto products are checked at each stage of their creation: from strictly selected raw materials, including manufacturing and through to market launch. Our entire range complies with applicable French and European regulations and is declared to the DGCCRF at market launch. Our expertise and know-how now rank us as French leader in natural products dedicated to sexuality and fertility. We set ourselves an optimal quality charter, from elaboration through to packaging, to offer consumers ever more innovative, safe and effective products.